Welcome to Amwell
Amwell is dedicated to providing a clean water environment by specializing in the manufacturing and marketing of water and wastewater treatment equipment. For over 140 years, we have made additions and changes to our product line to keep pace with technological, environmental and economic developments that affect our clients.
Amwell manufactures the following water and wastewater treatment equipment: Bar Screens, Clarifiers, Gear Drives, Grit Removal,  Paddle Flocculators, Rectangular Collectors, Rotary Distributors, DuraMax Stainless Steel Chains, Scum Skimmers and Telescoping Valves.
What’s New at Amwell?
In keeping with our tradition of innovation, we are proud to introduce DuraMax Chain Products into the Amwell line of products. DuraMax Cast Stainless Steels Chains are specially designed for use in heavy-duty, extra heavy-duty, severe-duty and extreme-duty process equipment that demand strength, load carry capacity, and abrasion resistance of metal chains, but where reduced maintenance and maximum service life are needed and desired.

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