Blue Water Technologies

BLUE WATER: Advanced Treatment Technologies

Blue Water is proud to offer a variety of water treatment technologies from primary wastewater treatment to advanced
effluent polishing steps to environmental remediation processes. We strive to meet our customers’ needs cost-effectively, considering both capital expense  and ongoing operations and maintenance costs. Additionally, we keep
an eye on the future by looking for sustainability in our  technologies, including environmentally friendly materials and
energy conservation.

Advanced Phosphorus Removal

Blue PRO®
is the leading product for phosphorus mitigation and is an effective  tertiary treatment solution where low-level phosphorus is a
requirement. In applications where the phosphorus limits are strict  and tertiary treatment is necessary, Blue PRO® can be customized  for optimal performance to meet NPDES permits while maintaining an  unsurpassed balance in expenditure. Whether the targeted phosphorus  discharge limit is 1 mg/L P or low as 0.01 mg/L P, Blue PRO® can  provide reductions in chemical usage, equipment footprint, and  associated operations and maintenance costs over alternative   technologies.

Enhanced Nutrient Removal (ENR)

Blue Water Technologies, Inc.  is the industry leader in the development of technologies for  nutrient removal from wastewater. With advanced equipment design, Blue Water offers the Blue NITE® treatment system for consistently  lowering nitrates to <1 mg/L NO3-N. Using our unique control system, Blue NITE® maintains NPDES targets for both nitrate and biochemical
oxygen demand (BOD) by accommodating high or fluctuating influent  nitrate levels. In addition to installations using traditional carbon   sources such as methanol, Blue Water has extensive design and   installation experience with the newest alternative carbon sources.   These non-explosive options can moderate the capital cost of   chemical storage facilities.