BlueInGreen employs a dedicated team of industry experienced professionals – including regional managers, applications engineers, and technicians.  Our team is focused on developing the most efficient solutions for side-stream gas dissolution and injection available.

The BlueInGreen team delivers solutions for water quality – utilizing the most efficient and effective sidestream gas dissolution technologies available.  Of course, great technology is only part of the equation – if treatment objectives are to be met, the technology must be applied properly.  Fortunately, our industry experienced experts are available to assist you with the details of your project.

BlueInGreen was formed in 2004 with one goal in mind – to provide innovative new solutions for improving and maintaining water quality at a lower cost .

2004: Established to commercialize intellectual property originally developed at the University of Arkansas. – Founders Scott Osborn, PhD, PE and Marty Matlock, PhD, PE

2004 – 2009: Received multiple NSF, NIH, and SBIR grants to further develop the technology and begin commercialization.

2010 – 2012: Hired talented executives, engineers, and salesmen and initiated various improvement programs throughout the company.  Developed three (3) additional product lines, enhanced intellectual property, increased piloting and sales efforts, and ultimately installed several units throughout the US. – Received WEF Innovative Technology Award, 2010

2013: Accommodating rapid growth in all four (4) product lines.  Continuing R&D initiatives to ensure BlueInGreen always offers the best solution available – from planning through start-up.



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CDOX 400 Skid

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