PinnaclePCIMazzeiN. Burleigh

Project: N. Burleigh WTP in the South Central Water District, NDLocation: Just north on Bismarck on the Missouri River

Process Description: Oxidation of Mn/Fe, Taste and Odor control, TOC reduction, and Color removal all by ozonation. Followed by MF/RO and then ozonation for disinfection.

The Ozone System: One (1) Pinnacle Quadblock Ozone Generator capable of 150 lbs/day. Two (2) PCI “VSA” DOCS 500 oxygen generators (one duty, one standby). Two (2) Mazzei Injection skids, one for the oxidation tank and the other for disinfection.

Startup: April 2011

Reference:  Mr. Doug Neibauer, Manager, – 701-258-8710