MRI Plate Settler Cartridges being loaded in the new Fargo membrane plant

Always a great picture is when one can catch a contractor, in this case Alberici, loading MRI Plate Settler cartridges into their intended basins. In this case, at the new Fargo ND Membrane plant.

After over a year and half of piloting the MRI Plate Settler and Hoseless CableVac collector; Fargo is now the home to two (2) 12 MGD trains of MRI Plate Settlers.

Fargo gets its raw water from two (2) sources; the Red River and from the Sheyenne. Both sources can be flashy with turbidities in the double and triple digits.  To protect the downstream UF membranes, the Plate Settlers need to deliver a year round effluent with less than 5 NTU turbidity. MRI performed to this requirement during the entire pilot period and has shown similar results on a number of other MEMBRANE plant pilots and full scale plants.

Thanks to all at the Fargo WTP, the engineers @ B&V and AE2S, and to Alberici Contracting.

S. Roberts Co.

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