Please browse through the excellent lists of products in this website. Look at some local installations utilizing that product. Call us if we can be of further assistance in terms of drawings, cut sheets, budgetary information, and references.

Waste Water Treatment
Vulcan Industries – Mensch Screen (Climber), Multi Rake, Stair Screen, Compactor (Best in Class),  Rotary Drum Thickener
Hydro-Dyne – Triden and Hydro-Flo Screens, Vortex Grit
Aero-Mod   –  Sequox Activated Sludge Packaged Systems
World Water Works – MBBR, IFAS, DEMON, DAF, and S Select
Aeration Industries –  SBR, Oxidation Ditch (New and Retrofit), Triton, Aspirator
Enviro-Mix   –  BioMix, Anaerobic Digester Mixing
ECS – Odor Control:    Radial Flow, Deep Bed Carbon, Chemical Scrubbers, BioFilters, BioTowers, Duct Work
Verder – Hose and Tube Pumps
RW Gate  – Fabricated Stainless Steel Sluice and Slide Gates. Stop Logs
BlueInGreen  – Super Saturated Gas Dissolution; CO2, O2, O3
Unison Solutions (ND, SD only) –  Bio Gas Conditioning (H2S, Moisture, Siloxane
Electrolytic Technology  – On Site “membrane grade” Hypo, Caustic, and Chlorine
Gummy-Jaeger  – Fine Bubble Diffusers
PCI Gasses  – Oxygen Generation
Drinking Water
H2O Innovations  – UF, RO, NF, MBR
MRI  – Plate Settlers, Hoseless Cable Vac, Packaged Plate Settler
Pinnacle Ozone  – Ozone Generators, Oxygen Generators, Side Stream Injection
Mazzei – Side Stream Injection of O2 and O3
De Loach Industries –  DeGassifiers, Aerators (FD, ID, Cascade)
AWI  – Stainless Steel Underdrains
Verder  – Hose and Tube Pumps
BlueInGreen  – Super Saturated Gas Dissolution; CO2, O2, O3
PCI Gasses  – Oxygen Generation
Schwing Bioset – Bioset, Cake Pumps, Screw Press, Fluid Bed Dryer
Gryphon –  Belt Dryer
Re-Use & Remediation