AWI has developed the technical know-how, products and services required to economically supply new or upgrade existing municipal  and industrial granular water filtration systems. With offices in both the United States and Canada, we provide filter optimization solutions to clients worldwide.

The benefits AWI brings to filtration projects are significant and include the following:

•  Industry recognized expertise in granular media filter design, supply, installation,     operation and optimization

•  A comprehensive understanding of filter hydraulics necessary for sustained filter     performance

AWI conducts a significant amount of research at ourHydraulics and Filter Media Technology Center in Calgary, Alberta.  We are the only Canadian filter media supplier with this type of testing and research facility.Contact AWI for all your filter optimization needs

AWI’s In-House Hydraulics and              Filter Media Technology Center

Phoenix Underdrain System
Phoenix Underdrain System AWI has optimized, upgraded and retrofitted almost every type of granular media filter configuration; from package plants to horizontal pressure filters.  Our extensive experience in trouble-shooting ineffectiveunderdrain systems led us to develop and patent our own Phoenix Underdrain System technology.
The Phoenix Underdrain System:

  Extremely Low Profile; lowest available       Decreases filter tank depth; less capital cost       Variable custom orifice sizing; less than 25 mm from the base         Custom hydraulic design; tested in-house at the AWI Hydraulic Research and          Filter Media Technology Center                                    Stainless steel construction; corrosion resistant       Factory assembly; uniform construction; rapid, low-cost installation         Phoenix Underdrain System

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