Founded in 2009, Tech 3 Solutions is a designer, builder and operator of Power Generation Systems for both natural gas and biogas powered Combined Heat and Power Units. All these units can operate on oil field produced gas and the biogas units operate off digestor gas. All engine components have been manufactured with regard to their suitability for use in gas engines and have been optimized specifically to the application.

Tech 3 Solutions has its engineering office in Lorrach, Germany where its staff has over 25 years of industry experience.Technical support is also provided here for application worldwide.

Our manufacturing facilities are in Greenville, SC where all our assembly work and testing is done and spare parts are maintained. Overnight delivery of parts is available from Greenville to anywhere in the US, Canada or Mexico.

Corporate headquarters are located in South Miami, FL where real time, online monitoring is done 24 hours a day.


Smaller line of engine blocks

Our smaller line of engine blocks are built by LIEBHERR.
LIEBHERR is a very experienced builder of Diesel and Gas engines. With the second generation of Gas Engines LIEBHERR provides a series of highly efficient combustion engines.
In the range up to Pel=570kW Tech 3 Solutions builds the CHP Systems by packaging all relevant Subsystems. The smallest unit has a electric output power of Pel=150kW which is driven by the G944, 4 Cylinder, 4 Valve internal combustion engine. The largest module is the G9512 which is a V12, 4 Valve internal combustion unit.

Every CHP consists of a Combustion Engine, Synchronous Generator, full heat recovery, plate heat exchanger for heating loop and waste heat loop and the full automatic Genset controller.

Due to the situation on the worksite, the CHP can be equipped with a sound enclosure for indoor use or build into a container which is one solution if no adequate building is available. For the operation of multiple CHPs into a separate building is the first choice.

The range of these lean burn and turbocharged engines as following:

G 944     4 Cylinder, 4 valve – Pel=150kW…180kW
G 946     6 Cylinder, 4 valve – Pel=220kW…270kW
G 9508   8 Cylinder, 4 valve – Pel=300kW…380kW
G 9512 12 Cylinder, 4 valve – Pel=450kW…570kW